What qualifications do I need to be eligible for the course?


Our workshops are designed for massage professionals (aromatherapists, sports massage practitioners, reflexologists etc.) or students currently at recognised massage schools. Knowledge of basic anatomical terms is required. Some of the acupressure points used in this massage are contraindicated for pregnancy. Consequently, no one who is pregnant, or trying to become pregnant may attend.

We now have a fast track route available to beginners that has FHT approval. Prerequisite training for beginners: The prerequisites for attending our TouchPro UK training course without prior bodywork qualifications are as follows:
4 individual days or 2x weekends of introductory massage training with one or more recognised massage schools.

A Recognised qualification in Anatomy & Physiology eg. MTI/ITEC (This can include correspondence)
Please see our list of recommended courses that offer introduction to massage courses:

The School of Thai yoga massage
Essentials for Health

Students will be eligible to attain insurance and membership with Federation of Holistic Therapists once they have successfully completed their assessment tutorial.

Federation of Holistic Therapists