TouchPro Certification (optional)

The Benefits of Certification are:

  • A listing on the TouchPro UK register, which is made available to companies / agencies looking for practitioners. You will also be emailed details of work opportunities that arise
  • Use of the TouchPro name and logo on your promotional literature
  • TouchPro Institute newsletters containing the latest articles by David Palmer

How to Become TouchPro Certified

  • To become TouchPro certified and go onto the TouchPro register you will need to complete the appropriate amount of practices (see below) and attend a one-to-one tutorial.
  • Practice sessions after the Foundation Day: 25
  • Practice sessions after the Advanced Day: 25 (50 in total)

About the practice sessions:

  • You must carry out a verbal screening (as taught on the Foundation Day)
  • Sessions should be performed on a minimum of 5 different clients
  • A record of the dates, names, signatures and a brief comment on the form provided, is all that is required
  • Sessions are to be completed within 6 months of your training

One to One Tutorial/Assessment

Once you have completed your practices, you call the office and book in your tutorial for any weekday. This is a practical 2 hour assessment, during which you will:

  • receive a TouchPro Chair Massage from a trainer
  • perform the TouchPro Chair Massage
  • work with a trainer to fine-tune your techniques
  • receive a feedback form detailing the most important points that arise during your session

We require that you:

  • perform the sequence smoothly in approximately 20 minutes
  • demonstrate competence of the techniques and accurate line and point location
  • apply the techniques without risk of injury to yourself or to your client
    give a full and clear verbal screening
  • All tutorials last 2 hours and cost £50 and take place at our office: 176 Melrose Avenue, London NW2 4JY

Certification fee

The cost of certification for one year is £24, £36 for 2 years or £48 for 5 Years.

This process of on-going learning enables TouchPro practitioners to fine-tune their skills and continue to represent the highest standards in the chair massage profession.

Practitioners who have completed the Foundation tutorial, are placed on List 2 and Practitioners who have completed the Advanced are placed on List 1.