What is the difference between the TouchPro course and other chair massage courses?

Most of the chair massage training in this country and across the world has its roots in the original course devised by David Palmer in the USA in 1986. We are the only UK school affiliated to his US organisation TouchPro Institute and the only UK school that teaches the original course.


As part of our on-going training David Palmer comes to the UK each year to work with our trainers to enhance their understanding of the techniques and their ability to pass on their knowledge to students and to certified practitioners.


We teach a unique sequence (‘kata’) that flows smoothly and has a distinct beginning, middle and end. This carefully choreographed ‘dance’ feels great both for the practitioner to perform, and for the client to receive. Consistency of practice allows organisations/agencies/fellow practitioners to feel confident working with TouchPro Certified Practitioners, knowing that they will be performing a tried and tested routine that will relax and revitalise their clients.


Our focus is on teaching techniques that allow practitioners to use body-weight rather than strength. Incorporating efficient body mechanics maximises the effects of the massage at the same time as minimising the effort. This enables practitioners to perform many massages a day without fear of injury or exertion.

What qualifications do I need to be eligible for the course?

Our workshops are designed for massage professionals (aromatherapists, sports massage practitioners, reflexologists etc.) or students currently at recognised massage schools. Knowledge of basic anatomical terms is required. Some of the acupressure points used in this massage are contraindicated for pregnancy. Consequently, no one who is pregnant, or trying to become pregnant may attend.

We now have a fast track route available to beginners that has FHT approval. Prerequisite training for beginners: The prerequisites for attending our TouchPro UK training course without prior bodywork qualifications are as follows:
4 individual days or 2x weekends of introductory massage training with one or more recognised massage schools.

A Recognised qualification in Anatomy & Physiology eg. MTI/ITEC (This can include correspondence)
Please see our list of recommended courses that offer introduction to massage courses:

The School of Thai yoga massage
Essentials for Health

Students will be eligible to attain insurance and membership with Federation of Holistic Therapists once they have successfully completed their assessment tutorial.

Federation of Holistic Therapists

Can you recommend any good massage courses for beginners?

Yes, we recommend the following schools:

Northern Institute of Massage
The School of Thai Yoga massage

Will I be able to find work at the end of the course?

There has never been a better time to be practising chair massage. There is growing awareness of stress in the workplace, and the government is increasing demands on companies/organisations to provide wellness programmes for employees. There are growing opportunities for practitioners to work for the expanding number of chair massage agencies (many of whom prefer TouchPro trained practitioners) that contact us for access to the TouchPro register. If you wish to get onto our List you will have to attend 2 hour 1 to 1 tutorial with our trainers. For students with entrepreneurial spirit the doors are open not only to expand existing chair massage markets (corporate/events/airports/hospitals/health promotions) but also to create new ones and continue to introduce the benefits of massage to a hungry public.

Who is the course recognised by?

Our course is recognised by CThA (Complementary Therapists Association)
and FHT (Federation of Holistic Therapists). We are also well known with all other massage bodies and insurance companies.

What certification do we receive?

Certification comes from the TouchPro UK, the most recognised chair massage certification in the UK.

Do I need separate insurance to practice chair massage?

Most insurance companies add chair massage to existing policies at no extra cost. If this does not apply to your insurance company, you can contact Embody and FHT

Do I need student insurance to do my practice sessions?

Yes, you need to inform your existing insurance company that you are a chair massage student and they should add to your existing policy at no extra cost.