Welcome to TouchPro UK

The Original Seated Acupressure Training

Seated acupressure is a great way to build your practice and to earn a living doing work that you love. At TouchPro we have been training practitioners for over thirty years and we’ll give you all the tools you need to take your skills into the workplace, to exhibitions, events and just about anywhere your imagination takes you.

On our courses you will learn:

  • From the UK’s most experienced trainers (meet the trainers)
  • A tried and tested sequence that’s been practiced successfully throughout the world
  • Techniques that create maximum effect with minimum effort
  • How to use your body to avoid injury and strain
  • Sequences lasting between 5 and 30 minutes
  • Techniques that will enable you to lean and listen into your client’s body until you feel them touching you back!

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The TouchPro Learning Experience.

Our trainings are experiential and we do our best to take out the hardest part – the remembering! On all our courses you will receive access to our fully illustrated online technique manual and DVD explaining every detail of the training including where to work, how to perform each technique and tips that we have developed in over 30 years of training.

TouchPro is the only UK school affiliated to TouchPro Institute, the original chair massage training organisation created by David Palmer in the USA in 1986