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A good way to add value to your services is by passing along useful information to your customers. YouTube is a great source of short, well-produced videos that are free for the linking.

My colleague, Russ Borner, sent along one such link that I have put up on the part of the TouchPro website that sells our local on-site services for the workplace. It is a two-minute animation that hits all of the major points about the important ergonomic considerations while sitting at a computer keyboard. I particularly like the fact that it uses no words, has just the right amount of humor. Check it out below.

Every website is enhanced by a Resources page with links to videos and articles that your customers will find valuable. Leave links to your favorites in the comments section below.


0 #1 Student Test 2013-01-09 00:21
Nice one Russ. I really love this animation. Thanks for posting it. Ally in London x :-)
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